Community arts programs can be varied. The art that we learn in school classrooms and in hobby classes might simply stay as a way to illustrate school or college projects or grow into something more. That is how the artist in us is inspired and how we get involved or interested in art media. While the media of artistic expressions are several, when it comes to community art programs, there is a distinct difference. Here the artist usually does not work alone but with community members in order to give expressions of what they feel strongly about.

Community arts programs can be of varied kinds. Nowadays, many urban revitalization projects involve encouraging community artworks. Artists are asked to showcase the relevant social issues and concerns through graphite formed on walls of streets, on subway station walls and so forth. Not only does it help to beautify community areas, but showcase what a community is concerned about as well as the prevalent culture of a region. Artists are also given an outlet to use their creativity in such projects and are free to use different media to showcase different ideas.

Community art is not a static form. Performing arts also play a vital role in such projects. Theatre, dance programs and other such performances are also designed around underlying social issues. Nowadays environmental concerns and sustainability are social awareness causes that are often expressed through community arts programs.

We encourage readers of this blog to come forward and share their views and information on current art programs active in different communities.