Different Forms And Expressions Of Community Artworks

Community Artworks

Community artworks are usually based on issues of social justice, reforms that are required or changes that require communal awareness. Art in such projects is usually seen as a medium for social change or could be seen as cultural democracy, allowing people the freedom to express themselves. The processes pursued in community art programs can be varied. No matter what kind of medium is used, it is seen as a way to provide dialogues between artists and community members.

Community engaged art is pursued in different ways in different countries. For instance, in Canada art is seen as a way to bring about social change and hence, many non-art organizations pursue such programs. Partnerships are formed by an immigrant, youth communities or indigenous groups in order to promote issues about education, health and the need for empowerment. Many business development organizations engage with artists in order to promote events and festivals which address pressing social concerns. For example a company that specializes in junk removal vancouver, does this type of collaborative work with artists at a yearly community festival inthe fall.

Community Artworks

Traditional forms

Traditionally, community arts programs have been in the form of spray painting of graffiti on walls and murals being built and carved on different public walls and barriers.

Online form

Nowadays community arts programs take on diverse forms. For instance, virtual communities have formed where art projects are shared, created and collaborated on as well. Many communities come online through different forums where they discuss art projects and how they can be executed. The outcome could be artworks that are created and then reproduced through different media for exhibition in different centers.

Community theatre

This is another form of expression which forms part of community arts programs. Theatre takes on a potent form whereby pressing social concerns and issues are expressed in a storytelling format. Collaboration is done between theatre artists and community members. The performance could be such groups or only by professionals but the script is usually inspired by relevant social issues or could be provided by community members. Community theaters are usually successful in engaging an audience of different target demographics. Theatre can be of different forms such as parades, circus, and carnivals as well as the performance mode of stage based theatre.